Nice to meet you.

Hi, I'm Olivia. I'm a creative software developper from Montréal, Canada. I have a passion for using data and technology to create human experiences. I like arts, communications, and science.

I like code.

I'm currently a data visualization developper at Le Devoir. I also teach data visualization labs at Polytechnique. Occasionally, I accept contracts for projects, or do consulting or training.

I have a bachelor's and master's degree from Polytechnique, in software and computer engineering. My areas of interest include machine learning, data science, user experience, and design.

Software development

I'm trained to develop a wide range of softwares. My skills range from software architecture and design to implementation and testing. I am also competent at full stack web development.

Digital storytelling

My expertise includes developping dashboards and interactive experiences to tell stories on the web. These projects often include data visualizations using D3. js.

Data communication

Data and scientific communication are growing more important in today's world. I have writing skills and technical knowledge to help communicate these key types of information.

Reach out to me!

I occassionally accept contracts for projects, consulting, or training. Please contact me for rates, or simply for a chat. I would be pleased to (virtually) meet you.

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